China's casting mold industry development to today, has experienced a difficult process

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2022-04-02 10:04

Since 1977, due to the vigorous development of China's machinery, electronics, light industry, instrument, transportation and other industrial departments, the demand for casting mold is more and more in quantity, the quality requirement is getting higher and higher, and the supply period is getting shorter and shorter.Therefore, the relevant departments of China attach great importance to the casting mold industry, listed the mold as the key scientific research projects of the "sixth five-year plan" and "seventh five-year plan" planning, sent people to go abroad to study and investigate, introduced foreign advanced technology of casting mold, and formulated the relevant national standards of casting mold.Through this series of measures, the casting mold industry has a great development, and some technical breakthroughs.The second automobile factory uses new technology and new materials to manufacture high-quality large casting molds for Japan Isuzu factory, and has won a good international reputation.In order to shorten the mold making cycle and improve the market competitiveness, the mold enterprises use more and more high-speed cutting technology.

HSM is generally mainly used for large and medium-sized mold processing, such as automobile cover mold, die-casting mold, large plastic mold and other curved surface processing, its curved surface processing precision can reach 0.01mm.The adopted CNC high-speed milling technology in production can greatly shorten the molding time.After high-speed milling and finishing of the mold surface, only slightly polishing can be used, saving a lot of grinding, polishing time.Increasing CNC high-speed milling machine is one of the key points of equipment investment in mold enterprises.

EDM is an indispensable process in casting mold manufacturing.EDM is still effective for deep and small cavity processing after quenching.The linear motor servo-driven CNC electric spark forming machine tool has the advantages of quick drive reaction, high transmission and positioning precision, and small thermal deformation.It has the P-E3 adaptive control system, PCE energy control system and automatic programming expert system, which has an irreplaceable role in the casting mold manufacturing.

The development of precision, complex and large mold has higher and higher requirements for testing equipment.Nowadays, the precision requirement of precision mold has reached 2~3 m, and the precision requirement of casting mold also reaches 10~20 m.At present, domestic manufacturers use more testing equipment in Italy, the United States, Germany and other digital coordinate measuring machines with digital scanning function.For example, FAW Casting Co., LTD. Casting mold equipment factory has 1600mm 1200mm coordinate measuring machine produced in Germany, with digital scanning function, can realize from physical measurement to the establishment of mathematical model, output NC code, and finally realize the whole process of mold manufacturing, successfully realize the development and application of reverse engineering technology in mold manufacturing.The equipment also includes Renisau's high speed scanner (CYCLONSERIES2), which enables laser head and contact head advantages, laser scanning accuracy of 0.05mm and contact head scanning accuracy of 0.02mm.Using reverse engineering, mold production has many advantages of short production cycle, high accuracy, good consistency and low price.

Rapid prototype manufacturing and casting mold has entered the practical stage, and the application reliability and technical indexes of LOM, SLS and other methods have reached the level of similar foreign products.Mold blank rapid manufacturing technology.There are mainly dry sand casting, negative pressure casting, resin sand casting and other technologies.

Users require that the mold delivery period is getting shorter and shorter, and the mold price is getting lower and lower.In order to ensure the timely delivery, the effective management and cost control has become the main factor for the survival and development of mold enterprises.Adopt advanced governance information system, realize integrated management, for mold enterprises, especially large-scale mold enterprises, has been a very pending task to be solved.If faaw casting mold factory basically realized computer network management, from production plan, process makes, arrive quality inspection, inventory, statistics, accounting, made computer management system commonly, each department inside the factory can share information through computer network.It has become inevitable to transform the traditional production of mold enterprises with high and new technologies such as information technology.

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