Precision ast wax is mainly used in aviation industry, civil precision casting, and is also widely used in ships, automobiles, telecommunications machinery, machine tools and other industries.

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2022-04-02 10:06

It is characterized by low gray content and small shrinkage rate, especially suitable for precision casting in the civil field.

KC2656L for precision casting (wax for silicon sol process)

Test (Test) Standard (Standard) Specifcation (Specification)

Ring&Ball softening point (ICI3.0) :177℉≈80.5℃

(Global softening point)

Penetration (needle in degree) (ASTM1321): 450mg load 29.4dmm100mg load 5.8dmm

Ash Content (Ash Content) (ICI 1.0): & lt; 0.015%

Speific Gravty (specific gravity): Cps

Viscosity (viscosity) 200 ℉ 93℃ 60

Brookfield thermosel 190 ≈87℃ 103

Spindle# 170 ≈77℃ 235

Expansion (body expansion): 48℃ 3.5%

60℃ 7.2%

72℃ 9.3%

Shrinkage (shrinkage rate): 1%

Wax temperature (Melting temperature): 105℃ ~110℃

Thermal insulation temperature (Keeping temperature): 55℃ ~60℃

Spray wax temperature (Injection temperature) paste: 55℃ ~60℃

Wax emission temperature (Injection temperature) liquid form: 63℃ ~68℃

Spray wax pressure (Injection pressure): 20~30kg / c ㎡

Mold temperature (Mold temperature): 20~25℃

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