Factors of the cost of casting sand casting

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2022-04-02 10:06

There are many factors affecting the cost of sand casting.Here we list a number of the main factors, and hope that this information can help cast customers.

1. Raw iron and scrap steel costs

Cast steel cliffs are the main material for cast iron and cast steel, so their price will directly affect the cost of sand castings.

2. Alloy cost

If your parts require added alloys like chromium, nickel, copper and molybdenum, then they will be more expensive than regular metal grades.

3. Casting process

Different casting processes will greatly affect the cost of the casting.The cheapest is the type sand casting process, and then the resin sand casting is more expensive, precoated resin sand casting process (e. g.Hot shell and the core forming process) will be the most expensive process.

4. Resin Cost

As for the casting process by resin sand and pre-coated resin sand, the resin price will affect the cost of the casting, but it will not affect the type of sand casting process.

5. Size and weight of the casting

As for small castings weighing less than 1 kg, the price per kilogram will be much more expensive than large castings because will they result in more production time and grinding of the work.

6. core

If production to your part needs to use sand core, then it will cost will be higher than, no sand core.This is because the sand cores need to be produced separately.

7. other factor

In addition, there are many other factors.The annual demand is greater, then their prices will be lower.Simpler sand castings will be much cheaper.Material performance will affect difficult production and heat treatment, so higher grades will be more expensive materials.Higher requirements and surface quality casting defects will lead to higher production costs because of the scrap rate.In addition, there are other factors such as processing costs, painting and packaging costs.

Therefore, they are many factors affecting sand casting costs.So, it is not accurate to estimate its cost simply by using a computational formula.This foundry needs to consider these factors based on production experience and current prices of materials and labor.


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